Conor McGregor Rumors: Cellphone Smashing Sufferer Considering On Taking Authorized Motion

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor is no stranger when it comes to altercations, both inside and outside the octagon. After that infamous bus attack incident, The Notorious finds himself embroiled in another mess, this time involving a fan who reportedly just wanted a photo with the Irishman.

The whole fracas was initially branded as a minor altercation involving McGregor and Ahmed Abdirzak. The latter was vacationing in Miami and was allegedly waiting for the valet to bring his car around. When he caught sight of McGregor, he pulled out his phone to snap a picture.

According to the first report from TMZ Sports, McGregor had slapped the phone from Abdirzak’s hand and it eventually fell to the ground. The Irishman then proceeded to stomp on the phone and eventually picked it up and walked away. The whole scene was captured by a surveillance camera.

The whole thing led to Conor McGregor being booked for robbery and criminal mischief at his home in Miami. The former UFC champion would later on post bail.

In a recent report by TMZ Sports, the victim gave his version of the story. According to Abdirzak, McGregor appeared to be offering a handshake but ended up grabbing the phone from his hand. He tried to ask for his phone back but the request went for naught. Despite being physically damaged, the UK resident simply wanted the phone back to try and save precious content.

As of this writing, Abdirzak says he will be discussing with lawyers if charges will be filed. Should that happen, it places the brash-talking Irishman in another bad light after a series of skirmishes that have tarnished his image somewhat.

As for his next fight, nothing has been set on stone for McGregor. Donald Cerrone has been mentioned and even Ben Askren aired his openness to facing the 30-year-old mixed martial artist. The last time McGregor fought was against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 on Oct. 6, 2018.

McGregor lost via submission that night but the controversy was the melee that ensued after that match. And just when things were simmering down for McGregor, another off-cage issue pops up. It will be interesting if he escapes this one. All that will depend on Abdirzak and his legal counsel.