Center of Sar-e-Pul on Verge of Collapse, Heavy Clashes Ongoing

The Taliban attacked the center of northern Sar-e-Pul province on Sunday night and heavy clashes are still ongoing, local officials confirmed.

The clashes started on Sunday night after the Taliban attacked the center of the province from three directions, a spokesman for the provincial governor Zabihullah Amani confirmed. He warned that “if the government does not send reinforcements, the center will collapse to the Taliban.”

“Both sides have casualties but here is no exact information,” Amani said.

In the meantime, security sources said that a military base has fall to the Taliban in Balghali village in the center of the province, adding that “the Taliban attacked the capital of the province from Sayad district, and the west and northern parts of the city and are two kilometers far from the city.”

However, officials have not confirmed the fall of the military base but appealed for air support.

The officials have also confirmed that Sar-e-Pul – Jawzjan highway is closed to traffic and the Taliban created check posts.

This comes after the center of Kham Aab district of Jawzjan also fell to the  Taliban early Monday after heavy clashes started on Sunday night.

Ismael, the district police chief said that “we have been surrounded with 50 security forces members and if the government does  not send reinforcement, the security forces will be killed in the clashes.”

The Taliban have also confirmed the attack and claimed that “the district was completely captured” by Taliban fighters.


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