Capital Flight Continues As Situation Remains ‘Unchanged’

Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines says Afghan investors are moving their investment to Central Asian countries as the situation in the country remains “unchanged” for them.

Head of the Chamber of Industries and Mines, Rahimullah Samandar, said Afghan investors are provided with more further facilities outside the country. 

Dozens of investors have moved their investment from Afghanistan to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan over the past two years, he said.  

Lack of investment facilities and insecurity are main challenges often raised by local investors. 

“When government cannot provide three or five megawatts of electricity to a steel factory, how can investment be attracted in the country and how our investors stop going outside the country?” asked Samandar. 

Investors meanwhile called on government should overcome their problems in order to attract new investment in the country and prevent capital flight from Afghanistan.

“Government has to fulfill its promises to create facilities and provide privileges to investors and should work in this area to provide more investment opportunities,” said Farid Hashimi, an investor.

Officials say that investors are paying only AFs100 instead of paying at least AFs30,000 to obtain an investment license and buy one square meter of land in industrial parks for AFs50.

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