Cameron Daddo reveals what it was like on the street for TV show Filthy Rich and Homeless

He’s the Australian actor and TV presenter living in Los Angeles with his model wife Alison Brahe.

But Cameron Daddo gave up his glamorous life for ten days to take part in SBS’ TV experiment, Filthy Rich and Homeless. 

The 52-year-old gave up his wallet, phone and spent cold nights on the streets, homeless. 

Cameron quickly found that there was an issue he had not anticipated, going to the bathroom. 

‘Initially, my major concern was honestly how I was going to relieve myself, then I thought about how much harder that would be for pre-menopausal women on the streets,’ the actor told BW magazine. 

The former Models Inc. star added: ‘You can’t use public toilets after hours when they are closed.’

Although he hadn’t experienced homelessness, the star has confessed that he went through tough times after moving to Hollywood.     

At one point the Big Momma’s House 2 star point suffered financial difficulties after moving to Hollywood in the early nineties.

Cameron spoke candidly about his past struggles in an interview with Mia Freedman on her No Filter podcast.

‘It got very tense for a while on several occasions,’ Cameron said.  

He added: ‘Then something would open up and suddenly you forget there was a moment where we had $100 in the bank because now we’re doing okay.’

In fact, things got so bad at one point that the Australian star’s friends were leaving groceries on his doorstep just so he could feed his wife and their three children. 


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