British envoy helps girls’s struggle for equality


British envoy to Turkey Sir Dominic Chilcott on Friday told Anadolu Agency that they support women who fight for equality all around the world.

Speaking during an award ceremony at the British Embassy in Ankara to celebrate International Women’s Day, Chilcott encouraged women to pursue careers in diplomacy and said that just under half of the foreign mission of U.K. is composed of women.

“That does not tell you the whole story. The more senior you get, the proportions are more in favor of men than women,” said Chilcott.

He added that the employment landscape is rapidly changing in favor of women when it comes to senior positions as well.

Chilcott drew attention to U.K.’s efforts in supporting UN resolutions on peace and security for women and added that they are working on local projects as well to empower women in cooperation with the Turkish government and NGOs.

Lawyer Gulsah Atalar won the “Shadow of Ambassador” contest organized by the embassy of U.K., which allows the winner to spend one full day with the ambassador of U.K.

Atalar, after thanking the embassy officials and celebrating International Women’s Day, said that “instead of gifts and superficial celebrations, more projects are needed to raise awareness for women’s issues.”

Writing by Vakkas Doğantekin