British citizen among six killed in Taliban attack on…

A British citizen has been killed in an “unprovoked, criminal attack” by the Taliban on a G4S compound in the Afghan capital, the security firm has said.

Wahid Majoroh, Afghanistan’s public health ministry spokesman, said on Thursday that six people were killed, as well as four attackers, with dozens more left injured.

The incident, which happened on Wednesday, saw a Taliban suicide bomber detonate explosives as other insurgents battled Afghan forces in Kabul.

Charlie Burbridge, managing director of G4S Risk Management Group, said: “It is with great sadness that we can confirm that five of our employees were killed and 32 were injured – five of them seriously – in an unprovoked, criminal attack on one of our compounds in Kabul.”

The company said four of its employees who died were Afghan nationals, and one was British.

It is understood G4S has been providing security in Afghanistan to a number of bodies including non-governmental organisations and corporate clients since 2003.

The secure compound which was attacked by the Taliban is called Camp Anjuman, and is where the firm runs its security operations from in the central Asian country.

Mr Burbridge said the next of kin of those involved have been informed, adding that the company’s thoughts are with the families of those killed and injured, and with the “brave team in Afghanistan who have lost colleagues and friends”.

He added: “We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the British Embassy, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British and Afghan armed forces, other Nato forces and other private security companies who have all assisted us as we ensure our operations in Kabul are secure and continue safely.

“We are committed to our security role in support of the people of Afghanistan, and we are determined that incidents such as this will not prevent the vital work that the international community conducts from continuing.”

The Foreign Office said it is aware of the incident and it is working with the authorities to establish further details.

The Taliban carry out near-daily attacks on Afghan security forces.

The latest in Kabul came hours after officials said at least 30 civilians were killed along with 16 Taliban fighters during a battle between government forces and insurgents in southern Helmand province.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, claimed responsibility for the Kabul attack in a statement posted on Twitter. The group later said it was in response to a US air strike which led to the deaths of civilians and children in the clash in southern Helmand.

The G4S website says it is the largest secure outsourcing company in the UK and Ireland.

“More than 10,000 customers, including 59 FTSE 100 companies, depend on G4S to provide them with a safe and secure way to deliver their services,” it adds.

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