Bride sheds 7 STONE to fit into dream wedding dress: ‘I never went on a crazy diet’

A BRIDE-TO-BE has lost a staggering 7st after following this simple plan.

Rachel Seedall’s weight loss transformation with Slimming WorldSWNS

WEIGHT LOSS: Rachel Seedall dropped 7st to fit into her dream wedding dress

At her heaviest, Rachel Seedall tipped the scales at 21st 5lbs and wore a UK size 24.

Then in summer 2016, the 40-year-old was over the moon when her partner Mick, 48, dropped to one knee and popped the question.

But the school welfare and support officer decided she wasn’t going to settle for a typical plus size A-line dress and so she decided to begin her weight loss journey. 

She vowed to fit into her dream size 14 dress and joined a Slimming World group to help with her transformation.

“I swapped out bad foods for good foods”

Rachel Seedall

Rachel, of Blackburn, Lancs., said: “I started swimming 50 to 70 lengths four or five times a week and my weight came down.

“My eating habits also changed and I swapped out bad foods for good foods.

“I loved putting mayonnaise on everything so I cut that out and I’ve stopped cooking a lot of things in oil.

“I now remove as much fat as I can from foods and I have fruit in my bag.”

Rachel had ballooned over the years due to her love for mayonnaise and her uncontrollable “sweet tooth”.

She was also diagnosed with benign intracranial hypertension, a pressure on the brain caused by too much fluid.

But after committing to a new lifestyle, Rachel started making her own home made chips andher favourite Slimming World recipe – syn-free chilli burgers.

In January 2017, she joined her local group and over a period of just 17 months she lost 7st before her wedding on May 27 this year.

“I had to lose weight for my health – and for my wedding dress,” Rachel explained.

“When I tried the dress on for the first time three weeks before my wedding and I was relieved it fit.”

After losing the weight, Rachel’s ailments subsided which gave her confidence to do more exercise and concentrate on her meal plans.

She added: “I never starved myself or went on a crazy diet, I just ate better. I don’t get the hypertension symptoms anymore, which is great.

“Before my weight loss, I was always tired, out of breath. I had dreams of what I wanted to wear and with losing the weight I was able to fulfil it.”

Her first experience of going dress shopping did not go well and Rachel was left feeling “embarrassed and traumatised” after shop staff tried to help her put it on.

However, Rachel walked down the aisle with her dad in a white fitted vintage dress and felt amazing when she tied the knot.

“It was the best day ever, it was completely perfect,” she continued.

“I had the perfect dress. I feel so much better about myself. Slimming World was amazing for me and I still go back every week.”


Takeaways, pizza and chips

Salads with heavy mayonnaise

Cheese, breads, cakes and sweets


Oats and fruit

Slimming World syn-free chilli burger and home made chips

Fat-free yoghurt and hifi bars

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