Ayda Discipline drops raunchy Robbie Williams SEX bombshell on Superstar Apprentice

CELEBRITY Apprentice’s Ayda Field left viewers giggling at home.

Celebrity Apprentice contestant Ayda Field got into a very cheeky exchange with Claude Littner about her sex life with Robbie Williams.

As it was revealed Apprentice 2019 contestant Ayda had enlisted the help of her husband Robbie to donate towards their team’s efforts for Children in Need, Rylan was shocked.

He gasped: “Who would’ve thought that would’ve happened?” sending sniggers around the boardroom.

Claude got in on the joke as he stage-whispered to Lord Sugar: “I don’t mean to be crude, but she sleeps with him.”

Ayda laughed and hit back: “Not necessarily Claude.”

In last night’s episode, she got very defensive over her husband after she tried to get him to perform at their auction event.

She said: “I’ve never leaned on Robbie for anything so I feel slightly guilty,” but things quickly turned frosty.

As Tameka Empson , Rachel Johnson and Sadie Frost implied people were “unimpressed with the line-up”, it didn’t take long for her to bite back.

She said: “They said the guys weren’t impressed with the line-up! I wanted to rip the phone out of their hands and beat these guys with the telephone.

“I mean what do they want? Do they want god to some down and serve them crudities?”

It was revealed that the girls won the task by a mile, leaving the boys to battle it out in the boardroom.

As Rylan Clark-Neal hit out at Omid Djalili for his terrible act during their event, Lord Sugar eventually agreed with him.

Omid was fuming as he threatened Lord Sugar with lawyers as he struggled to deal with the news.