Apple News+ is a Revamped Apple News, Complete With a Subscription and Magazines

So Apple News is, as expected, getting a revamp. Rather than just a curated system that offers up news websites, Apple News+ (as it’s called) is going to start offering up magazines for you as well. More than 300 of them, apparently, and here’s everything Apple told us about the new service.

It’s designed to be similar to Apple News with top, trending, and personalised stories served up to you. Just with magazines that have ‘live covers’. Magazine covers that move like a GIF, or how magazines must look in the world of Harry Potter.

The News+ app itself looks exactly as you would expect. New issues are downloaded automatically, and everything has been curated and edited by Apple’s own team of editors – just like the regular news-based News app. That way the goal is to try and make sure you see articles of interest, even if they’re not in magazines you’d normally read.

Obviously there aren’t separate apps for news and magazines, but since magazines are new that’s what Apple is focussing on.

Bigging up on Apple’s privacy stance, Apple promises that recommendations are all done by the AI on your device. That way the company doesn’t know what you read, and it doesn’t let advertisers track you as a result. Pretty sweet really.

As for the subscription it’s only $10 a month, rather than the $8,000 Apple claims it would cost to subscribe to everything individually. That $10 price includes a family plan too, giving all your partners, kids, and pets full access to the library. All with their own personalised recommendations.

The updated News app is available now, but Apple only bothered to mention that it’s available in the US and Canada. Which sucks! It won’t be coming to the UK until this autumn, which will kick off a European rollout. No word on pricing, but presumably it’ll be £10 a month, plus the one month free trial.


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