Aly Raisman reacts to USOC moving to shut down USA Gymnastics

Aly Raisman

The U.S. Olympic Committee’s plan to remove USA Gymnastics as the governing body in charge of the sport at the Olympic level has Aly Raisman’s approval.

The gold-medal gymnast and Needham native weighed in on the USOC’s decision on Twitter Tuesday morning, a day after USOC CEO Sarah Hirshland posted an open letter to the gymnastics community, saying, “You deserve better.”

“I believe this is a significant step forward that is necessary for the overall health and well-being of the sport and its athletes,” Raisman wrote in a note she posted to Twitter. “Change is not easy, and the unknown can be scary, but we need to do whatever it takes to ensure nothing like this ever happens again. There are so many amazing, talented, and kind-hearted people in this sport, and it’s time for them to lead us into the future!”

Raisman has been a vocal critic of both the USOC and USA Gymnastics for their response to the allegations against Larry Nassar, a disgraced former national team doctor now serving 40 to 175 years in prison after more than 250 women and girls came forward to say they had been molested by him. In March, Raisman sued both organizations, claiming they ‘‘knew or should have known’’ about Nassar’s abuse.

‘‘I refuse to wait any longer for these organizations to do the right thing,’’ Raisman said in a statement following the announcement of the March lawsuit. ‘‘It is my hope that the legal process will hold them accountable and enable the change that is so desperately needed.’’

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