Africa’s longest suspension bridge opens to traffic in Mozambique

MAPUTO, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) — The longest suspension bridge in Africa, the cross-sea Maputo Bay Bridge with its link roads in Mozambique, was officially open to traffic here on Saturday.

Being part of the project Maputo Bridge and Link Roads built by the China Road and Bridge Corporation, with Chinese financing and standards, the three-kilometer twin-tower suspension bridge extends 680 meters span over the Maputo Bay of the Indian Ocean.

Speaking at the inauguration, President of Mozambique Filipe Jacinto Nyusi said that the project will facilitate the link between the country and the northern part of the African continent, “materializing the African wish built in the foundation of the African Union in 1963.”

The president expressed his gratitude to the government and friendly people of China for the support in funding this infrastructure and care given to the project, saying that Mozambique positions itself in the worldwide geography “by claiming the title as the country with the longest suspension bridge in Africa.”

Nyusi also highlighted that the bridge has fulfilled the wish of the people, with its potential to contribute to the sectors of tourism and logistics, the national economy and the global idea for regional integration.

Chinese Ambassador Su Jian said the project is a remarkable mark in the development process of Mozambique and it has potential to promote social and economic development by forming a transport artery from south to north across the country.

The ambassador also noted the project’s domestic contribution, including jobs creation, transfer of technology to local people and auxiliary projects such as building classrooms for local schools, houses for resettled families and actions for environment protection.

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