Actual-life ‘Mowgli woman’ present in cockroach-infested flat with ingrown necklace

A FIVE-year-old girl has been found living in a cockroach-infested flat in Russia with a necklace ingrown into her neck.


The child, who has been called a real-life “Mowgli girl” after the Jungle Book character, has “no language or social skills”.

She was rescued by police from the “foul-smelling” apartment and may not have seen daylight since she was a baby.

Police had to wear chemical protection suits to enter the property where the neglected child was discovered due to how bad conditions were in the flat.

The girl named Lyubov, or Love, had been fending for herself “for days” after her “well dressed” mother, Irina Garashchenko, 47, abandoned her.

In the video, the sounds of shock and surprise can be heard at the sight of the apartment.

Rubbish covers every inch of the filthy, unliveable apartment.

The mum of the child returned back to the property after the child had been rescued and was prevented by neighbours and a police officer from fleeing again, multiple reports say.

It is believed she claimed to have had a professional job and was detained by police on suspicion of “attempted murder”.

A neighbour added: “We almost fainted at the condition of the apartment and from the smell.

“Police had to wear chemical protection.

“The garbage ‘is rotting and smelled foul.

“A five-year-old girl was sitting on the windowsill in the kitchen in a hat, and T-shirt with no underwear.

“She was crying, there was no food.

“There were cockroaches everywhere.”

Neighbours said that the girl’s mother had brought a baby home five years ago but was told the child had gone to live with a grandparent.

Her husband was deported to Ukraine.