2019 Dell XPS 13: Australian Price And Release Date

Image: Dell

Earlier this week Dell announced a revamp of its 2018 Dell XPS 13 – including new CPU options, a brighter screen, more colour options and a nifty new hinge.

Most importantly of all, the camera has been moved to the correct place – above the screen. And best of all, this beautiful monster is available in Australia now.

As it turns out, the new XPS 13 will be landing in Australia from January 11 and will start at $2,299.

This isn’t a cheap machine, but its still a far cheaper starting price to what it was a year ago. I waited until end of financial year sales to pick mine up.

That being said, it’s not like all of the specs have been upgraded, so it would have been highway robbery to bump the price back up again.

You can read last year’s review right here.

The author travelled to CES 2019 as a guest of Dell and Samsung.

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