18 Funny Friendsgiving 2018 Instagram Captions For Your Party Pics

When it comes to faux holidays, Friendsgiving is probably the only one (aside from National Pizza Day) that deserves to be a real holiday. What’s more earnest and progressive than a holiday that’s devoted to honoring the friendships in your life and showing gratitude for your chosen family? Spoiler alert: the answer is not much. Because the holiday is so sentimental and so dear to many, you’re bound to snap a lot of pictures of you and your friends feasting and celebrating. To ensure that those pictures get the double taps that they deserve, I’ve put together a list of funny Friendsgiving 2018 Instagram captions for you to use. Some of them are silly, some of them will tug at your heartstrings, and some of them are just #relatable AF.

We all know that feeling when writer’s block keeps us from posting a great picture because we just can’t seem to think of a worthy caption. This year, don’t think twice about it. Just pick one of these quotes and share your pictures with ease. One of the best parts of taking picture with your friends on Friendsgiving, as we all know, is then going home to look at them on Instagram.

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