Obese woman, 35, had to be resuscitated on the operating table during weight-loss surgery 

A morbidly obese woman briefly died on the operating table while undergoing weight-loss surgery.

Vianey Rodriguez tipped the scales at 594lbs (269kg), after years of overindulging in pizzas, burgers and fizzy drinks.

Deciding enough was enough, the 35-year-old and her husband Allen Lewis, 51, moved from Chicago to Houston to meet Dr Younan Nowzaradan, star of the hit TLC reality show My 600lb Life. 

Ms Rodriguez managed to lose 68lbs (31kg) on her own, leaving her eligible for a gastric sleeve.

But doctors were forced to resuscitate Ms Rodriguez during the operation after her heart suddenly stopped.

Thankfully she pulled through, with Mrs Rodriguez now weighing a healthier 369lbs (167kg) a year on.

Ms Rodriguez and her husband, who weighed 648lbs (294kg), both went to Dr Nowzaradan for help.

Four months after they got in touch, the couple were weighed and told they needed to shift some pounds by themselves before they could go under the knife.

Bariatric surgery for patients who weigh more than 500lbs (227kg) can be ‘challenging’, according to Rush University. 

This is due to them typically having other conditions, such as heart or lung disease, which makes the operation riskier. 

It is unclear if Mrs Rodriguez or Mr Lewis were in poor health, other than being obese. 

Despite struggling to cut out carbs, Mrs Rodriguez lost 68lbs in a month and was approved for surgery. 

However, Mr Lewis only shed 28lbs (13kg) after admitting to visiting drive throughs while ‘running errands’. 

Ms Rodriguez managed to lose another 44lbs (20kg) before her operation but then developed depression, which slowed her weight loss down to just 18lbs (8kg).

In a dramatic turn of events, Mr Lewis shed an impressive 133lbs (60kg) in just a few months and was finally approved for surgery. 

At 369lbs (167kg), Ms Rodriguez went under the knife and nearly died in the process. Mr Lewis had a less traumatic operation and weighed 376lbs (171kg) a year on.

The couple, who met online, are healthier than they have been in years and celebrated over a picnic in the park. 


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