Mum slammed by fellow parents for feeding her child food that’s past the best before date

An Australian mother has been slammed by other parents for feeding her children snacks past their best before date.

The mum said she bought the snacks through a welfare support service as they were cheap and she didn’t think there was anything wrong with them.

However, she said after she told another mum she fed her child the expired snacks, she was left feeling ‘judged’ as the other mother told her she would ‘never’ do the same.

‘The mum turns around and tells me I would never feed my children food that’s past its use by. I feel like I was judged,’ the woman wrote on a Facebook post. 

The mum shared her current financial situation was a struggle and that buying the budget school snacks was a solution that worked out the cheapest.

‘I found there is nothing wrong with the products, they are full of sugar and I feel the sugar helps preserve them,’ she said.

Her post has generated a flood of comments with many saying the mum shouldn’t feel ashamed for doing her best to make ends meet.

Some disagreed, though, writing that they thought there might be a problem with feeding a child food past its use-by date.

‘Don’t feel down. Some people judge because they just don’t know what it’s like to struggle,’ said one. 

Another said: ‘Times are tough and your kids haven’t died yet. Wow, I hate people like this! You’re doing fab, they will one day know what it’s like.’

‘She needs to get off her rather high perch,’ said a third. 

‘I have done it before. Many times. Food looks pretty good. Rule is if I don’t eat it, I don’t expect my kids to.’

Those who thought the mum should be wary of feeding her kids food that was out of date said it was worth noting the difference between best before and use by dates.

‘Remember there is a big difference between a ‘use by date’ (throw it out if past) and a ‘best before date’ (definitely keep it),’ wrote one.

‘If it’s a best before then I say tell her to get f****d. If it’s a use by date then yeah, she is right and your kids shouldn’t be eating them.’    


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