Loved Island oral health warning


Love Island contestants have been slammed by dentists for sharing their poor oral hygiene habits with the world.

Last night’s episode of the hit reality show saw the islanders Michael, Joe and Anna scrubbing their teeth while using an electric brush.

But dentists say this puts too much pressure on the gums and could cause them to recede. 

It also erodes the enamel, leading to both sensitivity and exposure of the yellow dentin underneath. 

Dr Rhona Eskander, a cosmetic dentist based in London, fears viewers of ITV2’s hit show may copy the incorrect technique.

She said the contestants are ‘some of the most influential people at the moment’, adding: ‘You never know if viewers are going to copy them.’ 

Dr Eskander, who won UK’s Best Young Dentist in 2016, told MailOnline: ‘An electric toothbrush is designed to put a certain pressure on teeth.

‘Applying too much pressure by over scrubbing could cause you to over brush. This causes gums to recede, which leads to sensitivity and looks unsightly. 

‘It also wears away the enamel, which exposes dentin, leading to sensitivity and yellowness.’

She warned this is an ‘irreversible process’, as both receding gums and lost enamel can never be replaced. 

Dr Richard Marque, of Wimpole Street Dental, told MailOnline this damage can occur in as little as two-to-three minutes and will only get worse if the scrubbing action is repeated over several months. 

And combining inadequate brushing with abrasive whitening toothpastes will only speed up the dental deterioration, Dr Eskander said. 

The medics also worry die-hard Love Island fans will pick up on their favourite contestants’ habits.

‘Love Island contestants are some of the most influential people at the moment,’ Dr Eskander told MailOnline.  

Dr Marque also expressed concerns viewers may be ‘inadvertently influenced by seeing the contestants do this’.

He even suggested the show’s producers seek the advice of a dentist on how the contestants should be brushing their teeth.

Dr Eskander added many people opt for costly veneers when the appearance of their teeth has been permanently damaged. 

‘Veneers are like putting fake nails on,’ Dr Eskander said. ‘They enhance how the tooth looks.’

Previous Love Island stars, such as last year’s bombshell Megan Barton Hanson, openly admitted to having had the procedure.

In the UK, cosmetic dentists typically have a consultation with the patient to ensure veneers are appropriate for them, Dr Eskander said. 

Properly-fitted veneers can last for 15 years or longer but cost between £150 to £1,000 per tooth depending on the quality of the materials used.

However, a rise in dental tourism means may Britons are traveling outside of Europe in an effort to save money. 

Dodgy dentists overseas often ‘over cut’ the teeth, which, combined with poor hygiene, can cause irreversible deterioration.

‘Poor dental tourism may mean the teeth are damaged underneath the veneer,’ Dr Eskander said.  

‘This combined with a poor brushing technique could lead to damage.’ 

It is unclear how many people tuned in to last night’s Love Island episode, however, 3.7million viewers watched the series opener on Monday. 

ITV2 declined to comment.  

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