Cara De La Hoyde reveals incredible before and after pictures of non-surgical lift

Cara De La Hoyde has revealed the impressive results of a non-surgical lift, which has transformed the jawline she says was left ‘bloated’ by pregnancy.

The 2016 Love Island winner, 28, who is due to marry her former housemate Nathan Massey, 26, this year, says she was ‘blown away’ by how the ‘Strawberry Lift’ banished her double chin and gave her a ‘supermodel’ jawline.

Along with giving her more contoured cheekbones, Kent-born Cara says it has helped her look her best for her upcoming wedding day, which will feature the couple’s 13-month-old son Freddie.

Cara says she now just plans to lose ‘a few more pounds’ off her ‘mum tum’, and plans to surprise everyone with an unconventional wedding dress choice later this year.

The new non-invasive treatment uses a laser to zap away fat and produce collagen to tighten and lift the skin, and aims to reduce signs of a double chin and puffy face.

Speaking to FEMAIL about what prompted her to have the lift, Cara said she felt more bloated than usual after giving birth to little Freddie. 

‘I got quite bloated through pregnancy and noticed that I’d started to get a slight double chin, my face just generally looked more puffy than usual’, she explained.

‘I knew I needed to do something about it because I just didn’t look myself. I was constantly trying to give myself cheekbones and jawline definition with make-up especially with the wedding coming up.’

Describing the needle-free treatment, which she began in September and starts at £250 per session, Cara said: ‘As it’s non-surgical and pain-free I wasn’t sure what results I would get, but I was blown-away with how quickly it banished my double chin and gave me a supermodel jawline. 

‘I didn’t actually know at first that it would contour my cheekbones so when I saw myself in the mirror after the last session I couldn’t believe it!’

Cara, who has had three out of the four recommended treatments, added that it was perfect for busy mums.

She said: ‘Each appointment is around 20 minutes so it was perfect for me – I needed something which didn’t take a lot of time and something with no down time either because I’m busy with the house, Fred or the wedding.’

And Cara says the treatments have bolstered her confidence, and even fiance Nathan is now thinking of getting it done.  

‘I noticed that after the treatments I started taking more selfies with my side profile to show off my new jawline and cheekbones. It’s definitely made me feel more confident,’ she said.

‘It’s hard to find time to pamper yourself when you’re a mum so it’s perfect for me that there’s no maintenance.

‘Even Nathan was surprised at how much of a difference it made considering there were no needles or anything involved. 

‘He’s been working hard in the gym recently but like anyone, he was struggling to shift the weight around his face so he too is going for the treatment to help to get rid of his little double chin.’

Speaking about the special day, she continued: ‘I want to feel the best I’ve ever felt for the wedding and I knew that if I still had my double chin I would feel self-conscious on the day. I just love that such a small change has made such a difference and doesn’t look unnatural.’

And revealing the other beauty preparation that is going into the special day, Cara added: ‘I’m hoping to lose a couple more pounds and a bit more of my mum tum before the wedding. 

‘I want my skin to look its best so I will be getting facials and I’m upping my water intake to three litres a day.’  

She added: ‘Motherhood has changed my body majorly. I was a dancer and was always active, so when I had Fred that changed a lot. Like every mum I have days when I embrace my mum tum and then I have days when I miss my old body, but Nathan loves me this way so that’s good enough for me.’

But Cara remained tight-lipped about the dress, only revealing: ‘I’m going for something that no one is expecting. 

‘Your wedding day and a once in a lifetime event so I want to go for an unexpected look no one has ever seen me in. I want to be the best version of myself!’.

Talking about the venue, Cara revealed it would take place in England, but she was currently battling with Nathan on which side of the river it would be on.  

She said: ‘Fingers crossed that it will be this year we’re just looking at a few venues, one on my side of the river and one on Nathan’s in Essex. We’re struggling to decide but whichever we choose I know will be perfect. 

‘We are so excited to have baby Freddie at the wedding, it will be so special having him there and I really want to make sure that he will be part of our big day. I’m also really looking forward to putting him in a suit he’s going to look adorable!’



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