$550 headset could ‘train your brain’ to choose healthy foods

A headset which encourages the wearer to think of apples rather than chocolate could bring an end to dieting, creators claim.

The ‘BrainTap’, a pair of laboratory style glasses with connected earphones, comes with a hefty price £430 tag.

But its founders, a nutritionist and councillor, claim the device could also kick anything from cigarette dependency to helping those affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The headsets are designed to be worn for around 20 minutes a day – with chiropractors and medics using them in cities across the UK, creators claim.

They are also used in offices to help stressed-out employees ‘reboot their brains’.

BrainTap co-founder, Michael Porter, from New Bern, North Carolina said: ‘What the voice is doing is helping them to have new habits, new patterns new behaviours, positive psychology.’

Asked what the machine would do for a person who thinks of chocolates or sweets each day, Mr Porter said: ‘It would help them pick healthier choices, visualising them picking other choices and seeing themselves doing it, like [eating] an apple’.

Mr Porter likened the technique to helping a person choose a different life story.

‘You have a favourite actor or actress, when they get on set they don’t play their own character, they get a new script.

‘They will learn that part in two or three days – we normally have a person for three to six months,’ he said.

BrainTap has around 50 different session categories covering themes such sugar and chocolate addiction as well as stress or nicotine dependency.

The devices which have been sold to businesses for decades are now being rolled out commercially and are on show at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA.


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