The Darkish Knight trilogy returns to IMAX theaters this spring

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is returning to IMAX theaters for a special engagement: a five-city tour across North America in which all three films will be shown consecutively, Warner Bros. Pictures announced Tuesday.

Last summer, the company re-released The Dark Knight for one week to celebrate its 10th anniversary, bringing a 70mm IMAX print of the modern classic to four theaters. Now, to mark the 80th anniversary of Batman’s debut — the Caped Crusader first appeared in Detective Comics #27, which was published in May 1939 — Warner is re-releasing all three of Nolan’s Batman films in 70mm IMAX, which the company referred to in a news release as the director’s “preferred format.”

The back-to-back screenings will feature Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). No scenes of the first movie were shot on IMAX, but Warner Bros. converted the film to IMAX and showed that version in 55 theaters. The success of that experiment led to Nolan using 65mm IMAX cameras to capture six sequences of The Dark Knight, making it the first major feature film to be shot even partially on IMAX. Nolan upped the ante for The Dark Knight Rises, putting more than 70 minutes of IMAX footage into the trilogy’s conclusion.

The Dark Knight at 10

Warner Bros.’ IMAX re-release will begin Saturday, March 30, at the Universal Cinema AMC at CityWalk Hollywood in Universal City, California. Nolan will appear there for an audience Q&A between the second and third films. The next showings will be held Saturday, April 13, at the AMC Lincoln Square theater in New York City and the AMC Metreon in San Francisco. The engagement will conclude Saturday, April 20, with screenings at Cinesphere Ontario Place in Toronto and the IMAX Theatre at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis. (A recording of Nolan’s Q&A will be played at all four showings following the Hollywood one.)

Tickets for the daylong events are now on sale. Interested parties can check out any of the films, and anyone who buys tickets for all three will get a lanyard and a special collectible.