Fortnite patch v8.10 provides new hamster ball automobile

The first big patch for Fortnite season 8 is here, complete with a giant rolling hamster ball as a new vehicle. The Baller may be the game’s most strangest and goofiest vehicles yet, but it seems like it might be a lot of fun.

The Baller lets one player drive around, grappling to things with the suction cup gun mounted to the front. The Baller can boost just like the hoverboard and quad, but with the addition of the suction cup becomes one of the game’s most mobile vehicles. Players inside the Baller can’t be shot, but it only has 300 health.

Also arriving in this patch are some major changes to vending machines. Instead of charging players set amounts of materials, vending machines now dispense their contents to the first player who activates them. This means that vending machines now work free of charge, but disappear after one player has used them. Common and Uncommon vending machines have also been removed from the game.

For a full look at all the changes that arrived with patch 8.2 you can view the full patch notes below.


Infantry Rifle

Heavy Assault Rifle


Vending Machines

Reduced availability of Treasure Maps from floor loot .53% to .27%.

Reduced availability of Treasure Maps from chest loot 3.25% to 1.65%.

Battle Royale Crossplay Matchmaking

This requires you to opt-in to cross-play.

Players opt-ing out are restricted to Creative Mode and Playgrounds.

Before, Switch players were combined with Xbox One and PS4 cross-play parties.

We expect an on-average better per-game experience for both Mobile and Switch players.

Increased Infinite dab duration from 12 hours to 13 hours in the front end

Elimination credit is now awarded to the last damager in cases of logging out, self-elimination, and eliminations due to Storm damage. The current threshold timer is 5 seconds for Storm eliminations and 15 seconds for logouts and self-eliminations.

Added visual effects for the siphon on elimination.

Players can now build as soon as they impact anything after being launched by a Pirate Cannon

Players can dance while holding a balloon

Added Pirate Cannon’s audio visualizer HUD icon to be a cannon.

Players automatically enter the driver seat when entering an empty vehicle.

Added custom consume animations for the following items:

Bug Fixes

Mode Details

Tournament Update: Gauntlet Solo Test Event & Gauntlet Duo Test Event

Matchmaking will no longer wait to create a match with closest scoring players available after 8 minutes, and will now require enough players with similar scores to start.

Adjusted matchmaking point expansion to increase likelihood for high scoring players to be matched against other high scoring players.

Note: Due to the playlist featuring matchmaking based on your score, the quality or availability of matches may differ at certain times of day.

Updated Scoring

+2 Points will now be awarded after reaching 15th Place (previously 10th Place).

Increased Bus Fare from -2 Points to -3 Points.

This is a temporary solution for the Duo event granting too many points to players due to eliminations, causing an inflation of points over the course of the event.

+2 Points will now be awarded after reaching 7th Place (previously 5th Place).

New Tournament: Scallywag Duos Cup (March 16th & 17th) [$100,000 in Cash Prizes!]

Round One: All Eligible Players

Round Two: Top 3000 Players from Round One

Find more context in the Reddit Post we made last week.

Bug Fixes

Key Bindings – The keyboard bindings are now categorized to make finding actions you want to rebind a lot easier.

Marker System:

Squad nameplates and team arrows now become more transparent when aiming down sights.

Restored the ability to view all of your current Challenges while in a match.

Wrap things up in a hurry! You can now apply a wrap to all slots by choosing “Apply To All” when picking a wrap in the Locker.

Enabled camera control on some reward types when viewing Challenges

Challenge Info panel in the lobby now defaults to Party Assist while you are in a Party.

Bug Fixes

Added bus paths to the minimap.

Bug Fixes