Cost of downtown parking in Sudbury may be on the rise


Proposal to the city’s finance committee suggests the hike could rake in an extra $400,000

The cost of parking at a meter in downtown Sudbury may increase.

Sudbury’s finance committee will consider on Tuesday whether to raise the rate at parking meters in downtown Sudbury.

The proposal would almost double the current rate from $1.30 an hour to $2.50.

According to the city, there are 438 single space meters in the downtown area. The report said not all of those spaces are being used by shoppers and other short-term visitors to the downtown area.

“While it is difficult to monitor and obtain accurate data, there are concerns that the time allotted maximums are being exceeded and some on street parking is being used for all day parking,” the report stated.

“All day parking is more suited to a monthly pass in an off-street lot and on-street parking left available for short stay customers.”

The report warned that if the parking meter rate hike is approved, there may be “public dismay.”

The proposal to raise parking meter rates is part of the 2018 municipal budget. 

The change could see the city bring in an additional $400,000 annually.


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