Hungarian Embassy holds iftar dinner in Turkish capital


Hungarian ambassador in Ankara says even a non-Muslim can feel Ramadan’s spirit of respect and love

Hungarian Embassy holds iftar dinner in Turkish capital

By Fatih Hafiz Mehmet


The Hungarian Embassy in Turkey held a fast-breaking (iftar) dinner at a hotel in capital Ankara late Thursday.

“The month of Ramadan is so impressive that even a non-Muslim can feel its spirit, its values and the importance to give respect and love to others,” Ambassador Gabor Kiss said at the event.

The ambassador said extreme ideologies were increasing global challenges, war-torn disputes, economic and social difficulties and terrorism. He added that these make the ground for the formation of prejudices.

He said he condemns every kind of terrorism because terrorism threatens everyone in the same way.

“We cannot tolerate this to shadow our friendship, dialogue or cause a rift between our nations, cultures and religions,” he said.

He also said that many Hungarians till this day try to reveal common roots and culture between Turks and Hungarians.

He said Bela Bartok has researched on common music and Armin Vambery, who is also one of founders of Turcology, has researched similarities between the two languages.

“[Vambery’s] work named ‘Turkish ancestry’ has been published in 1885 in Budapest…it was also the first European research work involving whole of Turkishness,” he added.


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