Napoli president De Laurentiis: I want Sarri to stay, but he’s so difficult to…


Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis insists he wants coach Maurizio Sarri to stay.

Sarri has been linked with Antonio Conte’s job at Chelsea.

“Will Sarri be here for pre-season? I hope so,” De Laurentiis said in the Press conference to announce the squad’s training retreat in Trentino.

“I clearly have fewer doubts than you if you’re asking that question, but I can’t hold anyone by force.

“We have an appointment next week. Now we have to prepare for the away game [with Sampdoria], there’s travel and not much time.

“That’s why we’ve got an appointment for next week. But don’t worry, I’m calm.

“Is he the right Coach? I chose him myself, against most people’s advice…

“Relationships are always about give and take, it’s never one-sided. I don’t think we can complain about the football story of the past three years, he’s built a nice style, hailed by everyone abroad.

“There are many who would like to imitate him but it’s really difficult, so we’re all grateful.”

However, De Laurentiis also remarked: “Does Sarri want to leave? You don’t know Sarri, he’s devoted to his work and nothing else. It’s even difficult for his family to talk to him, so I try to interfere as little as possible.

“Then there comes a time when we have to talk, January for example.”


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