Doctors have determined how many eggs can be eaten without harm to health


Медики определили, сколько яиц можно есть без вреда для здоровьяThe results of the latest research.

Scientists know that patients with prediabetes and diabetes of the 2nd type often have increased levels of “bad” cholesterol associated with heart disease. Because of this, many doctors recommend that diabetics limit the intake of eggs, since this product contains large amount of cholesterol.

Australian experts have checked the correctness of these recommendations. The researchers divided study participants into two groups. Volunteers from the first group had to eat 12 eggs per week, and the participants of the second – 2. Three months later, the researchers found problems with the cardiovascular system in people from both groups showed up.

In the second phase of the experiment, the same volunteers was transferred to the diet for weight loss. The number of eggs eaten remained unchanged. Scientists have not found any negative changes in the functioning of the cardiovascular system of participants. Weight volunteers lost about the same.


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