Doctors told who can and can’t eat porridge


Медики рассказали, кому можно и нельзя есть кашиThe expert recommends eating brown rice.

Porridge is traditionally considered a healthy dish. But doctors warn that not all grains improve health, especially for chronic ailments. Porridge can be both beneficial and harmful – on this Roskoshestvo told the nutritionist mariyat Mukhina.

First of all, to monitor the presence of cereals in your diet should be people with excess weight and chronic ailments, he stated.


In its composition contains phytic acid, which contributes to the rapid washout from the body calcium. So oatmeal is better not to use more than once a week, and in the presence of osteoporosis, you should consult your doctor before adding this cereal to your diet. Those who suffer from gluten intolerance, oatmeal is not recommended.


Buckwheat contains a lot of useful minerals, its no wonder athletes love. According to nutritionist, buckwheat is useful to people who have had surgery, and pregnant women. In addition, the use of buckwheat supports healthy hair and nails. But those who lose weight by eating only buckwheat, it can bring headaches and increased fatigue. The tendency to constipation and flatulence, in the presence of renal failure and stomach ulcers is buckwheat should be cautious.


The expert recommends eating brown rice: meals from it normalizes sleep, stimulates brain activity, promotes the excretion of excess fluid, improves the condition of the nervous system. White rice can not be used to sklerotik and diabetics. In addition, excessive eating of rice dishes can contribute to the formation of kidney stones.


Not too frequent use of semolina is beneficial for older people in monkey contains a substance phytin, improves the condition of the elastic tissue and ligaments in the joints. But people with diabetes and those who are inclined to obesity, and children under 3 years of age, semolina is not.


Eating millet porridge is very useful in circumstances where the body requires a lot of effort to recover, for example after a stroke and heart attack, after fractures, sprains and dislocations. But if there are acidity of the stomach, gastritis or ulcer, gout, kidney disease, include in the diet of millet porridge need only after consultation with your doctor.


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