Teen tennis champions become heroes lifting a TRUCK off a man in a highway accident.


Members of a Georgia high school tennis team became heroes when they lifted a truck off a man involved in an accident.

The Rockmart High School’s team celebrated their victory at the Elite Eight tournament, but as they were were heading home from the competition on Georgia’s Highway 27 on Tuesday, an accident happened just in front of their bus, according to Fox5Atlanta.

A pickup truck swerved and ended up in a ditch with a car also flipping over. A man was being crushed under the truck. 

Student Tyler Baschao said that the pick up hit the guardrail and just started ‘flipping and tumbling.’

The incredible scene where several tennis players from Rockmart High School lift a pickup truck off a man while a volunteer firefighter pulls him out from underneath is seen above

Double win: The team took home the championship at the tournament, but they also became heroes on their way home 

‘He went airborne. Three wheels came off the truck. He flipped several times going down the embankment,’ parent Tim Malone added.

‘One man was bloody walking around, one man was in shock walking around but they both said there was another man trapped underneath the truck,’ said Malone.

Everyone with the team jumped into action. 

However, Malone said he quickly realized just how dire the situation was when he saw the full weight of the truck crushing the man trapped underneath.

‘And he was laying under there screaming “I’m dying” and “I’m burning get this off of me,”‘ said Malone.

So eight of the team members who were nearby ran over to help. By now a volunteer firefighter was on the scene and he joined in the incredible rescue.

‘And we all helped to lift up the truck and the volunteer firefighter drug the man out and we all tried to comfort him,’ student hero Jackson Norris said.

Rockport High School's (pictured) tennis team jumped to action when they saw a horrific accident on their way home from a tournament  

Fortunately for the man, a military helicopter was not far off, and was able to whisk him out of the Fort Benning area and to a hospital.

‘It feels great to know we helped save somebody’s life,’ Baschao said.

‘We were definitely meant to be there. We were sent from God,’ said Norris.




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