Kim Kardashian Arrives to a High School Reunion in a Party Bus


Kim Kardashian Arrives to a High School Reunion in a Party Bus

(At least, not yet.) And she’s not in Cleveland, either, despite the fact that sister Khloé just gave birth and is in the midst of a rather dramatic scandal.

Kim Kardashian has found time between breaking the internet and launching a successful make-up range to pop in on her high school reunion. The bus was decked out with balloons and a stack of yearbooks.

The 37-year-old reality star hired a party bus to ensure she and her friends could arrive back to the all-girls Marymount High School in California in style in order to enjoy a celebration which marked 20 years since their senior year.

Kardashian, who wore a plunging white outfit, later posed with her high school besties.

“So my friends are anxious that we’re gonna run into people that they were mean to and I feel so good about my conscience that I was so nice to everyone”, Kardashian quipped as a friend says in the background, “So nice”. “I was so nice to everyone”.

Kardashian posted a slew of pictures and videos from the event on her Instagram stories, sharing her night with fans as she reunited with high school friends she hadn’t seen since graduation.

But she vowed that, while her friends were concerned about running into people they were mean to at school, she had nothing to worry about. “So insane.” The halls might look the same, and even some of the teachers might be the same, but “the desks are totally different”, she observed.

There’s no party like a high school reunion party… maybe?!


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