Apple reportedly working on gold iPhone X


Apple reportedly working on gold iPhone X

iPhone fans might be in for a real special treat.

For whatever reasons, a lot of people love gold smartphones.

It’s not unusual for devices to be leaked through the FCC, the US agency that approves them for sale.

As with all (PRODUCT) RED devices Apple has released throughout the years, this new iPhone 8 is identical to its standard counterparts from a hardware perspective.

An appearance at the FCC could mean two things: 1) a gold iPhone X is coming or 2) the color was canceled.

With the 6.1-inch LCD model priced in the $700-$800 range, that gives Apple a bit of wiggle room with regards to pricing the more premium iPhone X. Perhaps Apple’s reasoning here is that users who are looking for best Apple has to offer are willing to pay a few hundred more dollars for an OLED display and perhaps faster internals.

Given the timing of the document, it is likely that the iPhone-maker planned on releasing the iPhone X in three colors – gold, silver and space gray – however was ultimately forced to shelve the gold colour option ahead of release due to production issues according to MacRumors.

The FCC’s leaked gold-colored iPhone clearly isn’t the same one as the rumored blush gold. But fret not, you can at least see what a gold iPhone X would have looked like.

The documents filed with the FCC reportedly suggest the photos were taken as much as several months ahead of the iPhone X unveiling in September, 2017.

It’s a small nugget, but it could be a clue.


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