Jennifer Hart had alcohol in her system at time of fatal crash


A woman who drove off a Northern California cliff last month within an SUV carrying her husband and children was drunk, authorities said Friday. The legal limit in California is.08%.

Toxicology tests found Jennifer Hart had an alcohol level of 0.102, said California Patrol Capt. Bruce Carpenter. It has not been determined in the third child.

According to the San Jose Police Department, the Thottapilly family was supposed to have arrived to visit a friend in the San Jose area on April 6 but did not make it as scheduled.

Investigators have not come up with a motive but say it appears the incident was intentional, The FBI is deploying their Behavioral Analysis Unit to assist and try to understand what happened.

Carpenter said none of the car’s occupants were wearing seatbelts.

The bodies of Jennifer and Sarah Hart were found March 26 inside the family’s SUV, which had crashed at the rocky shoreline below a cliff in Mendocino County. Officials initially thought the remains were that of a child, but later clarified that it was a woman. 15, Devonte Hart Hannah Hart, 16; and Sierra Hart, 1 2, have not yet been found.

Police had previously said they believed the Hart family died in a suicide plunge from a scenic overlook in northern California.

There were no skid marks at the scene, Carpenter said.

A body that may be one of the remaining three missing children was recovered on April 7.

“Because fo the time in the ocean, the facial features were not there to allow the [biological]family to identify”, Allman said. According to information submitted to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), Devonte Hart’s sister reportedly told neighbors that her moms were racist.

A neighbour of the Harts in Woodland, Washington had filed a complaint, saying the children were apparently being deprived of food as punishment.

One of the neighbors, Tom DeKalb, said he called child protective services.

The biological aunt of three of the six children adopted by Jennifer and Sarah Hart tried, and failed, to gain custody of the kids in Texas before they were placed in foster care and later adopted by the Harts.

Adoption records are typically sealed, and the Citizenn could not confirm the childrens’ surnames prior to their adoption by the Hart, or determine where in Colorado County the children lived through court records.

Sandeep Thottapilly, 41, vice president of the Union Bank on Santa Clarita, and his wife Soumya Thottapilly, 38, were on a road trip along with their two kids – Siddhanth, 12 and Saachi, nine – in the maroon Honda Pilot from Portland, Oregon to San Jose in Southern California, during which they went missing on April 5.


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