Valencia: Beating Man City has created new vibe inside Man Utd


Manchester United fullback Antonio Valencia says victory at Manchester City has the club buzzing.

Valencia believes the win has helped bring a new sense of self-belief to the players.

He told United Review: “After the game on Saturday, of course it was a fantastic feeling and, two days later when you come back into training, it still felt brilliant and that great vibe stays with you.

“You carry it with you into the next training sessions which is what we’ve done.

“I think we’ve done really well in key games. Those good results and performances only serve to motivate us even more for the rest of this season and especially for next season as well.

“It’s like a message that we’re sending to ourselves and it has extra motivation for us. It reinforces the fact we have a great squad, a great team and a strong dressing room, ahead of the next season, which will hopefully be a great one for us.”


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