Potholes on country road raise safety concerns


Groups of children with special needs may not be able to go canoeing and sailing next week because of potholes along a country road.

Organisers of an adventure charity say the narrow lane to the boating lake near Gailey in Staffordshire is in a poor state and there are concerns for their safety.

Special needs teacher, Sue Dutton said:

It’s going to be very disappointing for our children next week if I have to go to school on Monday and tell them that they can’t come sailing and canoeing on Tuesday and Wednesday because they are really looking forward to it.

The road is not safe and we have a lot of children with very complex medical needs so we need to make sure the emergency services can get down the lane if we needed them.

In response, Helen Fisher, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet support member for Highways, said:

We are very much aware of the problems there, which have been exacerbated by a flooding manhole cover.

The recent bad weather has prevented us from doing proper repairs but we have tackled what was causing the flooding and have already scheduled a visit there for next week – subject to the weather.


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