Jeremy Jordan on Those Supergirl Karaoke Scenes


The Supergirl gang burst out into diegetic song in tonight’s episode. Jeremy Jordan gave us the low down on all of their picks.

It’s no secret that the Supergirl cast is filled with talented folks—not only can these people act, but most of them have stellar singing voices to go along with it. Jeremy Jordan in particular has a voice to write home about, as evidenced not only from his starring roles on Broadway, but this YouTube video  of him singing Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” that has wracked up a casual 3.8 million views and counting.

In this week’s Supergirl episode, “Schott Through the Heart,” the show has a bit of fun with the well-known knowledge that Jordan has the voice of an angel, teasing his character’s karaoke performance, only to pull the rug out from underneath both Winn and the viewer with the breaking news that Winn’s dad, Toyman, has died. It’s an emotionally-gutting scene and one that highlights how much more important this character’s feelings are within the context of this show than its star’s admittedly stellar singing voice.

Brinkwirespoke to Jordan about how the karaoke scenes played out in the episode.

“What was funny [is]what was written was that—and I fought against it because I didn’t feel like it was necessary—was that, in the first scene, after everybody sings, Winn comes up and suddenly he’s got the voice of an angel, and is such a great singer, because I sing,” said Jordan. “I was like, it was just so easy and so virtuous, and I felt almost like I’m just patting myself on the back. I didn’t want to feel that way. I took this job in the first place because I always get gigs and shows and Broadway shows and TV because I could sing. The only things I’ve done is because I could sing … I suggested to them that it would be a fun tease to make it look like he’s about to riff off some crazy karaoke song, and then we just sweep the rug right out from under everybody.”

Of course, Winn eventually does sing, along with his mother, played by Laurie Metcalf—as does most of the rest of the cast, who seem to have a great deal of fun with picking their songs and styles. Did the cast actually get to choose or were the selections written into the script?

“Yeah, everybody picked their songs and we all came up with all the goofy styles in which we should be singing it,” said Jordan. “Alex is drunk on whiskey and singing love songs about Maggie. Kara is doing her ’90’s, living her childhood or re-living her childhood with Beastie Boys. Carl [Lumbly], who plays M’yrnn, is fully embracing the human art form of karaoke. Chris [Wood], who plays Mon-El, is just terribly rocking it to an ’80’s ballad.”

It’s all pretty wonderful and marks some of the lightest parts of what is, especially for Supergirl, a pretty dark episode centered around the death of Winn’s dad and the return of the mother who abandoned him as a child.

“We tried to keep it varied, so it would be as fun as we could because we knew the episode was gonna be such a heavy one,” said Jordan of the karaoke choices. “But it was a great juxtaposition to it, without also feeling like, ‘Hey this cast of people who can pretty much all sing.’ It didn’t feel gratuitous, like we were all just congratulating each other on how great our voices were. We’re just having fun.”


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