‘Black Lightning’ Recap: Khalil Returns and Jennifer Embraces Her Powers


'Black Lightning' Recap: Khalil Returns and Jennifer Embraces Her Powers


Tobias and Khalil come back and try to find Black Lightning for the ASA during this episode of Black Lightning, titled “The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain.” The two haven’t been around for a while, but now Tobias is back and Khalil is walking. And they’re bringing a whole load of trouble.

The episode begins with Tobias looking at sores all over his body, but he’s doing well thanks to the ASA. I’d wondered if they’d forgotten about him, but he’s back. He meets with Martin, who offers him Lady Eve’s old position. Martin explains the experiment the ASA had started that eventually led to Green Light. Most people who got powers from the vaccine died, but Black Lightning didn’t, so Martin orders Tobias to bring Black Lightning to him alive. Luckily, he’ll have help. Martin got Khalil walking again! And he’s sporting a very different look.

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Are Lynn and Jefferson Officially Back On?
Lynn, meanwhile, calls Jefferson and says she needs help, and he has to come over right away. But it’s no emergency. It’s a date! It’s pretty adorable. The sparks are literally flying.
Lynn and Jefferson wake up the next morning, and Lynn says that everything that happened recently made her realize that his powers don’t stress her out anymore and that she feels closer to him than ever. They shouldn’t ignore that they love each other anymore. However, Lynn doesn’t want to tell the girls that they’re back together until they’re sure they’re going to stay together. Instead, they should have a secret affair.
Tobias is Back
Tobias then meets with Syonide and Dwayne. He thanks Dwayne for saving his life, but he left Tori to die, so Syonide kills him. Ever the villain, Tobias then maniacally laughs about how it’s good to be back.
How is Khalil Walking?
Later, Jefferson notices Khalil walking down the street. Jefferson’s in awe and tries to convince him to come back to school, but Khalil is not interested. Then he asks what kind of procedure Khalil got to get him walking again because he knows someone had to have helped him, and he wants to make sure that Khalil’s not being taken advantage of, but Khalil’s just filled with rage and says he’s just another poor kid that Jefferson uses to make himself look good. He disappeared once Khalil couldn’t run anymore and wouldn’t even let Jennifer near him. He has a serious grudge.
Jefferson immediately tells Gambi about Khalil, and Gambi’s shocked because that kind of procedure is super rare and expensive. This definitely has something to do with the ASA. Anissa, meanwhile, is tracking the names of all the missing kids. They think some of them have died already. They need to find the others, though, so Jefferson wants to follow Khalil to Martin, who will lead them to the bodies. Gambi, meanwhile, has to follow another lead. He reminds them that Martin will be looking for Black Lightning and Thunder, so they need to be careful.
Jefferson then goes to Khalil’s house, but his mom thinks he’s been in California. So Jefferson tells her that he saw Khalil and he’s walking again. She tells him that a hospital administrator named Martin came by and said that he was chosen for a pilot program for a spinal implant in California. She was really worried about it, but Khalil wanted it. She can’t understand why Khalil’s not talking to her and hasn’t told her that he’s back from the program, though. Jefferson then asks for Martin’s number, and she gives it.
Gambi Follows a Lead
At the same time, Gambi goes to visit his contact Tommy and immediately threatens him. Tommy hadn’t been very forthcoming the last time they talked, when Gambi asked about the weapons that killed Lady Eve, so Gambi says he’ll make sure that everyone with a grudge against him knows where he is if he doesn’t help him find Martin. He tells him he’ll be back soon.
Later, LaLa’s dealing with a problem with his drug dealers, but he gets interrupted by a disturbing phone call. He totally freaks out. Then he goes to see Tommy and points a gun at him. He seems super conflicted, though.
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Can Jennifer Suppress Her Powers?
Lynn tries to cheer Jennifer up about her powers while she runs some tests. She talks about controlling her powers and even says she’s trying to come up with something to suppress her powers.
Jefferson then tells Jennifer about Khalil. She immediately wants to go find him, but Jefferson tells her that he’s a completely different person and that she needs to stay away. He thinks that Khalil’s gotten involved with people who are looking for people like Jennifer. Jennifer says Khalil wouldn’t hurt her, but Jefferson is adamant that she should stay away. Then Jennifer says she can’t wait until Lynn figures out how to fix her, which Jefferson had no idea about. Of course, as soon as Jefferson walks out of the room, Khalil texts her and she runs off.
Jefferson then confronts Lynn about suppressing Jennifer’s powers. He says that this is who Jennifer is now and that Lynn’s treating Jennifer like she’s sick. Does that mean he and Anissa are sick? How could she do this without talking to him? Now Jefferson doesn’t want to get back together after all. Well, that was short-lived.
Later, Lynn asks if Jennifer told Jefferson if she was trying to fix her. Jennifer says yes, but Lynn says that’s not what she’s trying to do because there’s nothing wrong with Jennifer that needs to be fix. She’s just trying to understand what’s going on and come up with a procedure.
Khalil and Jennifer Reunite
Later, Jennifer runs back to her house and meets Khalil on the roof. She says the family has been staying somewhere else because of vermin. He shows her that he’s walking again, and she is genuinely happy for him. He apologizes for how things ended between them and shows her his implant and tells her that he’s the first person to ever get it. It hurt a lot at first and he was scared, but it worked. Jennifer asks about his dreadlocks and his new look, and he says that the doctors gave him pills to help with the regeneration, and they made his hair grow really fast. He tries to kiss her, though, and she pulls away. She asks how he was picked for the procedure, but he gets really cagey and gets pissed that she’s asking so many questions. He accuses her of siding with her father and goes off on her. Then he just jumps off the roof. Yes, he apparently has powers too now.
Khalil then goes to Tobias, who says he has to go back to Garfield to catch Black Lightning. Black Lightning beats up bad guys to stop them from hurting people. So if there’s danger at Garfield, then Black Lightning will come running. Tobias reminds Khalil that this is his new life and that he promised loyalty in exchange for legs, so his old life and old girlfriend are the past now.
The Big Showdown
Anissa shows Jefferson and Gambi some more research, and they make a plan to do more. But they hear about an attack at the school, and even though Black Lightning hasn’t been cleared of Lady Eve’s murder yet, Jefferson and Anissa both head out.
Khalil is full-on attacking the school. He’s super strong and is targeting the kids he didn’t like. Jennifer tries to stop him, but he just tells her to get out of there. Of course, Black Lighting and Thunder show up. Thunder gets into a fight with Syonide, and Jennifer stands outside the door and tries to use her powers, but she can’t.
Meanwhile, Black Lightning comes face-to-face with Tobias. Tobias is wearing clothes that resist Black Lightning’s powers, so they fight hand-to-hand despite Gambi’s warnings. Gambi tells Anissa that her dad needs her help. Black Lightning has another problem, though. Khalil shows up and throws a drug at him that totally stops his powers. It looks like they killed him, which they weren’t supposed to do. Tobias goes to take off his mask, but Thunder shows up and stops them. Khalil, Tobias and Syonide run away, but Anissa can’t wake Jefferson up. Jennifer also shows up and freaks out when he won’t wake up. Luckily, she shocks him with her powers and restarts his heart.
The family and Gambi run to their safe house, and Gambi sets up more security. Kara, meanwhile, is busy telling Martin that Black Lightning is likely dead. Enraged, he orders her to find his body and bring Thunder dead or alive. This experiment can’t fail.
LaLa and Tobias Make a Deal
Tobias then has LaLa kidnapped. He threatens to kill Tobias, but Syonide threatens to kill him, so LaLa backs down. Tobias thanks LaLa for taking care of Tommy. Now he wants LaLa’s help in taking down Martin.
Will Lynn be able to get Jefferson fighting again soon? Is she wrong to try to find a cure? And will Tobias take down Martin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
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