Handbrake 1.1 Released With Redesigned Interface, New Presets, Improved Apple TV 4K Support, More


Handbrake, the popular open source video transcoder, has been updated with a redesigned interface, new presets, improve Apple TV 4K support, improved Intel QuickSync Video support, and much more.

Here’s a look at the release notes…

All platforms
– Improved user interface
– Redesigned main window for consistency and usability; overall flow is top to bottom, left to right
– Added new preset controls directly in main workflow
– Added new summary tab for overview of settings at a glance
– Updated interface icons to support high resolution displays
– New and improved official presets
– Added new presets for Vimeo and YouTube
– Added new 2160p/4K device presets for Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku
– Added new Production presets for post-production video editing workflows
– Added additional 2160p/4K Matroska presets
– Improved AppleTV 4K support
– Improved Intel QuickSync Video support
– Added Linux support (experimental)
– Added 10-bit H.265/HEVC encoding support for Kaby Lake and newer CPUs
– Added support for multiple GPUs via D3D11 encode path
– Many bug fixes and improvements

– Added new Unsharp and kernel-based Laplacian LapSharp sharpening filters
– Added CSM prefilter option to NLMeans filter
– Added support for mobile device orientation via auto-rotation container flag
– x265 10- and 12-bit encoders are now included by default; additional dll files are no longer required
Command line interface
– Added support for adaptive streaming (SPS and PPS before IDR frames) via the –inline-parameter-sets parameter
– Added –json parameter to output scan/status information in JSON format, useful for scripting
– Audio sample rate parameter –arate now accepts “auto” as a valid value
Build system
– Added support for FreeBSD 11.1 (must compile from source)
– Added support for compiling on Windows under MSYS (experimental, slow)
– Updated to mingw-w64-build 3.1.1 with support for mingw-w64 5.0.3 and gcc 7.2.0
– Update mac-toolchain-build to add NASM 2.13.2 (now required for x264)
– Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
Third-party libraries
– Updated libraries
– FDK AAC 0.1.5 (AAC audio encoding, must compile from source)
– FreeType 2.8.1 (subtitles)
– HarfBuzz 1.7.2 (subtitles)
– Jansson 2.10 (JSON architecture)
– LAME 3.100 (MP3 audio encoding)
– Libav 12.3 (decoding and filters)
– libass 0.14.0 (subtitles)
– libbluray 1.0.2 (Blu-ray decoding)
– libdvdnav 5.0.3 (DVD decoding)
– libdvdread 5.0.3 (DVD decoding)
– libiconv 1.15 (character encoding support)
– libmfx (upstream API 1.23)
– libogg 1.3.2 (Xiph codecs support)
– libopus 1.2.1 (Opus audio encoding)
– libsamplerate 0.1.9-35-g02ebb9f (audio resampling)
– libtheora 1.1.1 (Theora video encoding)
– libvorbis 1.3.5 (Vorbis audio encoding)
– libvpx 1.6.1 (VP8/VP9 video encoding)
– libxml2 2.9.4 (general)
– x264 155 r2893 (H.264/AVC video encoding)
– x265 2.6 (H.265/HEVC video encoding)
– zlib 1.2.11 (general)

– Added option to configure low disk space warning level
– Added Intel QuickSync Video encoder (experimental, requires specific Intel driver)
– Added support for Ubuntu 18.04 and 17.10; Ubuntu 15.04 support is removed
– Many other bug fixes and improvements

– Added option to configure low disk space warning level
– Improved support for VoiceOver navigation
– Many other bug fixes and improvements

– Added option to configure low disk space warning level
– Added option to play a sound (MP3/WAV) when encode or queue is finished
– Added option to show progress, pass, passcount in the application title or task tray icon tooltip
– Added more granular progress reporting during search for start of file and muxing
– Added support for per-display resolution awareness
– Added support for running HandBrake in a portable mode (see included portable.ini.template)
– Added custom anamorphic to dimensions tab, it’s back!
– Improved static preview window still previews rendering
– Improved audio selection behavior controls; dropdowns are now context aware and range limited with better defaults
– Improved UI constency throughout
– Many other bug fixes and improvements

You can download HandBrake for free from the link below…



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