Senator Derryn Hinch suffers brain trauma after falling out of Uber.


Senator Derryn Hinch has suffered brain trauma after falling out of an Uber.

Mr Hinch, 74, fell out of a car in Melbourne after drinking two glasses of wine at dinner on a night out on Monday night, the Herald Sun reported.

He was knocked unconscious from the fall and taken to The Alfred Hospital for observation. 

Senator Derryn Hinch has suffered apparent brain trauma after falling out of an Uber

Mr Hinch – who has previously received a liver transplant – will undergo medical tests on Thursday after it was initially feared heart problems may have caused his collapse.

‘I had two glasses of wine at dinner – I hadn’t overindulged,’ he said.

‘But it’s the obvious question… I don’t blame people for thinking that.’

Mr Hinch stopped drinking alcohol in 2011 after drinking six bottles of wine a day destroyed his liver.

He said a ‘dodgy’ knee injury caused his fall on St Kilda Road on Wednesday night, causing him to ‘come a cropper’.

‘I’m okay but I’m booked in to have some tests. I was hooked up to a heart machine but I’ll have some more tests on my blood pressure,’ he said.

‘It has nothing to do with the liver… to tell you the truth I think I was just tired and I’d been up since early for breakfast TV.’ 

After passersby and the Uber driver called an ambulance, Mr Hinch was diagnosed with ‘minor brain trauma’ from the fall, which had not broken the skin.

The former broadcast journalist received a liver transplant in 2011 following the death of his donor Heath Gardner.

In 2008, Mr Hinch said: ‘I don’t drink now, never will again. If I get a titanium liver, I still won’t drink again’.

The Victorian senator flew to Canberra on Wednesday to attend an official event, and said he would be ‘fighting fit’ to return to parliament later in March. 



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