Westworld Mobile Game Coming to iOS and Android


Ever wanted to enjoy Westworld without the moral implications and subtle storytelling? We’ve got good news for you.

Warner Bros. is working on a Westworld video game for…sigh…mobile devices. 

Actually, it’s not all bad. Based on the footage shown of the game thus far, it appears that the Westworld mobile game is more or less a Westworld version of Fallout Shelter. That means it will require players to manage their own Westworld park and corporate entity by creating and managing a series of sections containing various employees, facilities, hosts, and guests. 

You’ll certainly have no shortage of options available to you – it appears you’ll be able to modify quite a few things within the game – which you’ll need in order to build the best Westworld park possible. 

First off, yes, we are very, very aware that you are not supposed to walk away from Westworld thinking of Westworld as a fun theme park populated by cartoon caricature hosts and maintained by corporate overlords who never violate certain human ethics in favor of earning more money and furthering evil advances. Then again, Fallout wasn’t exactly a feel-good kind of experience, and Fallout Shelter managed to be amusing despite itself. 

Still, it’s hard to look past the seemingly complete lack of any kind of moral radar within this game. This is Westworld stripped down to a one-sentence description, and it’s oddly horrifying that such a property would be turned into what we’re fairly confident will be a mobile game cash grab. 

But hey, don’t take our word for it. Westworld will be available for Android and iOS in April, and you can sign-up for a sneak preview of the game here. 

As for us, we’re just going to pretend that the world is a horrible theme park when we’re playing Red Dead Redemption 2


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