Take a look around Nottingham pizza pop-up Happy Dough Lucky


It’ll be there for a few more weeks

A pop-up is sharing the pizza love at a Nottingham bar.

Happy Dough Lucky has been more than two years in planning – involving a fact-finding mission to the Italian city of Naples, the home of the famous Neopolitan pizza.

Since popping up at Lace Market bar, The Lacehouse, the team – who include Nottingham students – have been pulling in the punters.

As well as becoming a popular spot for a leisurely brunch, it’s a lively place for an early evening feed and cocktails.

Open until 3am on Friday and Saturdays the haunt in Broadway has become an in-demand alternative for clubbers looking for something tastier than a kebab or Greggs’ sausage roll.

The menu features small plates including chilli chips, garlic butter balls and mac ‘n’ cheese plus charcuterie and anti pasti boards.

There’s six hand-stretched pizzas to choose from.

The classic cheese and tomato is made with the holy trinity of San Marzano tomatoes, basil and mozzarella.

The colourful veggie pizzas could with goat’s cheese, yellow tomato and beetroot, or courgette, artichoke, pesto and sundried tomato.

For something with a kick opt for njuda, chilli and ricotta or chicken with jalapenos.

The breakfast pizza comes with sausage, prosciutto, mushroom and egg.

Using flour milled in Naples, the dough is rested for at least 48 hours to keep it as authentic as possible, while the tomatoes are imported from San Marzano – the plum tomatoes are the best for pizza-making.

The fresh meat is cooked in a water bath to keep it succulent and where possible the vegetables are Nottingham-grown.

Completing the menu are devilishly desserts with homemade Mr Whippy-style ice cream.

Choose from chocolate and hazelnut doughnut, pancakes, lemon posset and Kinder chocolate pot.

The skills were learnt on a mission to find the best restaurants in Naples and Rome

Lacehouse owner Sach Nijran said: “We were invited to go into the kitchens of some of the best restaurants and were taught their trade secrets. We adapted our recipes to incorporate some of these. We found and met some of our suppliers and gained invaluable experience and inspiration from the world’s best.

“The experience will live with us all forever and hopefully we’re doing the guys that invited us into their restaurants proud with the work we are now doing at Happy Dough Lucky.

“This has been a long journey for us – we wanted everything to go perfectly and because of that I guess we were a little apprehensive (and scared) about opening our doors. Being an independent we also found it hard financially, however our passion and eventual courage pushed us on.

Another thing we found on our travels was how kind and genuine people were. This is so important to all of us at Happy Dough Lucky. Service is absolutely integral to everything we do. So many times we have found restaurants offering fake, inadequate service – we don’t really get that. Our whole team are in this industry not for the money, but because we love speaking to people and giving them amazing service, the sort of service you would receive if visited our homes.

This is from our menu “Our journey began with a backpack, a camera & a notepad. After 17 weeks, 5700 miles & 6 stones heavier we are ready to stop messing around & share our sweet pizza love with the good people of Nottingham.

We didn’t just want to follow the crowd & serve frozen, hand stretched pizza. We want to do proper Neopolitan pizza & desserts inspired by the places we have visited.

Our dough is always rested for at least 48 hours to give it a deep flavour. All our locally sourced fresh meat is cooked in a water-bath to ensure it is always succulent. We use authentic products throughout; flour milled in Naples, tomatoes imported from San Marzano, cured meats from Italy and where possible all our fresh vegetables are grown in Nottingham”.

Our menu is small, 6 pizzas, 2 salads, 6 sides, 6 desserts. We have ice cream specials (coco pops, salted caramel & pistachio to name a few) and weekly pizza specials. People seem to love our pizza & dessert concept. We thought that people would just see us as a pizza joint, but that’s thankfully not been the case – we’ve sold over 1000 of nutella & ricotta doughnut and kinder bueno dessert pots since we opened.

We want to constantly introduce new things, from events – our Sunday Social (offering unlimited pizzas & mimosas), Supper Club & #ditchthedesk to our new whatsapp booking system – where just like you would with your friends, you can organise your next meal out with us. We really want to invite other pop-ups to join us too, so if you know any small crafty or independent businesses looking for a space then please let us know?

We are such a small team, currently working between 12-18 hours a day each (we are open until 3am on weekends) but we absolutely love it. We are so passionate about ensuring we are the best we can be and to offer something special to our guests. Being an independent business can be so hard, but we are genuinely so humbled by the response we’ve had from our amazing guests (we sell out and/or fully booked most days!) that it’s all been so worth it. We can’t wait for the remaining 12 weeks and to see where it takes us.

The pop-up will only be around for nine more weeks during which time there’s special events including an after-work yoga and pizza club on Mondays and a student lock-in on April 2.

Book by Whatsapping at 07778 585 803. For more information go to the Happy Dough Lucky UK’s Facebook page


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