Utah Woman Arrested for Hiring Assassin to Murder Her Ex-Husband


Utah Woman and Guns for Hire

A Utah woman might remain behind bars for a very long time after the authorities uncovered an intricate murder-for-hire plot. According to the woman’s arrest warrant, the suspect hired a hitman to murder her ex-husband, a witness, a prosecutor, and later on, another individual to murder the hitman.

Utah Woman Promised to Pay Hitman after She Collected Husband’s Insurance

On Friday, 70-year-old Linda Tracy Gillman was formally charged with criminal solicitation and obstructing justice, after the investigators uncovered an intricate insurance-collection plot that involved a hired assassin.

According to the court documents, last year, the woman approached an individual whom she asked to kill her ex-husband and his wife. The man, who allegedly rented an apartment from the Utah woman, was paid $5,000 for the job which involved a third party who should have staged the scene as if Gillman’s former husband died from an overdose.

Furthermore, it would appear that the woman promised an extra $100,000 to the man and his associate if he murdered two more people.

The Utah woman’s plan was thwarted after the intermediary went to the authorities and told them about Gillman’s intentions.

However, following Gillman’s arrest, the authorities uncovered that the woman plotted her revenge behind bars. A court document reveals that after she was arrested and charged with one count of criminal solicitation, the Utah woman approached an inmate about murdering the intermediary.

Furthermore, while behind bars the suspect also called upon another hired assassin to kill an eyewitness and one of the prosecutors in charge of her case.


Following the discovery of the woman’s plans, Gillman has been charged with two counts of soliciting criminal services and one count of obstructing justice. Apparently, for the murder of the prosecutor and witness, Gillman wrote a $155,000 check.

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