Register to vote this weekend: what you need to know


JOHANNESBURG – The Electoral Commission (IEC) is calling on voters to register to vote in the 2019 general elections this coming weekend.

The IEC says its ready and that over 22 000 voting stations will be opened throughout South Africa between Saturday and Sunday.

Voting stations will open between 8 am and 5 pm.



Registration makes it easier for eligible voters whose addresses are not on the voter’s roll to either check or confirm their addresses.

It enables new voters who wish to vote in the next election to register, and allows registered voters who have moved to register in their correct voting district.

The IEC, however, said it does not have addresses for 2,8 million voters.

A further 3,5 million addresses are currently classified as “incomplete” or “generic”.

The IEC’s chief electoral officer, Sy Mamabolo said: “The voters’ roll is a fundamental safeguard for free and fair elections. It is an instrument for facilitating electoral participation, which is placed at the disposal of political parties for campaign purposes. It serves a functional purpose as a planning tool for accurate provision of electoral material and the avoidance of electoral fraud.” 

Here’s what you need to know:




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