Dengeki Thanks Festival 2018: “Strike the Blood” Gets Third OVA


The story will cover until the final chapter of the original novel’s first arc

At the “Game no Dengeki Thanks Festival 2018 featuring Dengeki Buko” event held at Bellesalle Akihabara today on March 10, Kadokawa revealed various new projects to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its entertainment novel imprint Dengeki Bunko, which are scheduled to be released between April 2018 and March 2019.


The light novel label was originally launched by Media Works in June 1993, and has been owned by Kadokawa/Ascii Media Works since October 2013. The memorial projects includes promotion fairs featuring popular novel heroines, a digital edition of Dengeki Bunko Magazine, new anime projects, web serialization works, memorial goods and games.


One of the new anime projects revealed today is the third OVA based on Gakuto Mikumo’s school action fantasy light novel series Strike The Blood, which has been released from Dengeki Bunko

since May 2011 with 18 volumes (and one volume of its spin-off series APPEND). A 50-second PV

for the OVA Strike The Blood III (Third) is now available on YouTube (the video cannot be embedded

legitimately now).


The novel series was first adapted into a 24-episode TV anime from October 2013 to March 2014. Then the

first two-episode OVA “Strike The Blood: Kingdom of The Valkyria” was released in November and December

2015, and the eight-episode second OVA “Strike the Blood II” followed from November 2016 through May

2017. All of the anime were produced by SILVER LINK. and CONNECT, with Hideyo Yamamoto directing. 


According to the anime’s official Twitter, the third OVA will cover until the conclusion of the first arc “Seisen-

hen” of the original novel, which ended in the novel’s 15th volume.



Risa Taneda (Yukina Himeragi) and Rina Hidaka (Nagisa Akatsuki) at the backstage



Novel 1st and 18th volume covers



TV anime 1st volume and OVA “Strike The Blood II” 1st volume Blu-ray jackets



Source: Kadokawa press release, “Strike The Blood” anime official Twitter



© Gakuto Mikumo/Ascii Media Works/PROJECT STB

© 2016 Warner Bros. Japan LLC



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