Every new Android P feature we have found so far [Continuously updated]


It’s that time of the year again. The days are getting longer, new hardware is being released, and Google has revealed the next version of Android. As of the March 7th release of the developer preview, we’ve worked our way down Alphabet’s alphabet all the way to “P.” We still don’t know what P is going to end up standing for (Pineapple upside-down cake?), but by now we’ve got some idea for the changes present in this latest/upcoming version of Android. 

To paraphrase David, “I turned around, and it was Christmas.” Thanks to all our tipsters— we ❤ you— our collective Android Police inboxes overfloweth in a deluge of developer discovery. We’ve spent quite a lot of our time playing with Android P to show you all its new features. In fact, I’m even using it full-time on my daily driver—not that I’d recommend you do that.

By all this, we mean to say that, while we might not have discovered every new feature, we’ve uncovered quite a few. So, for both your and our convenience, we’ve put everything we’ve found together into a list with (very) brief summaries. That way you can both catch up if you’ve fallen behind with our Android P Feature Spotlights, and track future Android P features separately.

Entirely new features

General visual changes

Modifications to existing features

Privacy tweaks

Under the hood/API/developer stuff

So far, these are all the new features we’ve found in Android P, but be sure to check back in if you’re following our feature spotlight coverage. And, as always, tips for undiscovered features are welcome.


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