2019 Genesis G70 May Expose Enthusiasts For Being A Fraud!


If you are to head into any major automotive forums on the internet, most discussion about cars will often see plenty of negative comments being made. The most common examples would include the vehicle not having manual and also not having a rear-wheel drive setup.

These comments are often aimed at affordable sports cars and automakers have managed to deflect the criticism with strong sales figures of their vehicles.

This brings us to the upcoming G70 from Genesis. The sports luxury vehicle from Genesis is due to arrive later this year and it is confirmed to have a manual gearbox with RWD. If that is not exciting enough, the G70 will be able to develop 252hp from a 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

The icing on the cake will be with the price of the G70, which is expected to be way below the standards of luxury vehicles. While still not confirmed yet, the G70 is closely linked to retail well under $40,000. It may not be cheap but it is also wrong to say that the G70 is expansive for what it has to offer.

Such an offering are what ‘enthusiasts’ have been calling out for and if sales are to be unimpressive for the G70, there will certainly be no need for carmakers to create a sports sedan with RWD and manual.



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