Ford Tempts Diesel Fury With Edge Facelift


It seems that any carmaker with a strong association with diesel powertrains are not safe from a stable future. Diesels are known to have heavy emissions and a number of companies have been penalized for failing to ensure a controlled emission practice.

The latest to face the wrath of the road rulers is Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles. FCA last court hearing saw the carmaker unable to defend itself from the diesel probe and they company ended up having to pay a heavy price for it.

But despite of the fallout with diesels, some carmakers are still sticking to their diesel plans for the near future and among them is Ford. The Blue Oval company has made it clear that the next-gen Ranger will have a diesel setup.

Now, Ford moved ahead further when they confirmed that the upcoming Edge Facelift that is made for the USA will rely on a 235hp bi-turbo diesel engine.

The diesels are not dirty for now but they are viewed as a risky move from Ford.


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