The Sims 4: Hamsters Demand You To Pay For It!


It seems that every decision made by EA will have a negative financial impact on the consumers. Aside from microtransactions that has destroyed EA’s reputation in the industry, the game publisher is also known for charging gamers over ridiculous offerings.

The latest example is with the new DLC that has been launched for The Sims 4. The DLC titled My First Pet introduces a number of animals into the simulation video game and it is something which gamers on The Sims 4 will need to pay for if they want to enjoy the extra content.

The problem with this is that there are already animals available in the game that can act as pets hence making it pointless for EA to charge for My First Pet.

For starters, the timing of the DLC’s release is too close to the recently launched content pack, Cats & Dogs. The latter added loads of new features into The Sims 4 like being able to dress up your pet cat and dogs. Furthermore, the release of Cats & Dogs was immediately followed by the toddlers-themed content pack which was offered for free.

With all these contents now widely available, there seems to be no point for gamers to fork out the extra cash just so they can enjoy a pet hamster in The Sims 4. You will really need to be a big fan of hamsters if you are willing to pick up the DLC.


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