Next Mazda3 Inches Closer To Turn Kai Dream Into Reality


The last Tokyo Auto Show saw Mazda bringing out the Kai Concept and it is said to be the base model for the next-gen Mazda3.

Today, at the Geneva Motor Show, the Kai Concept made its return and the fact that the hatchback prototype experienced no changes to its design suggest that the next-gen Mazda3 is going to look just like it.

If true, this would be great news for the consumers because the Kai Concept is referred to as the eye-candy on the road. The vehicle has a sporty appearance with a cutting-edge styling that is simply pleasing to the eyes.

All we can wish for right now is the Mazda3 to turn the Kai prototype into reality. This can only be confirmed once the next-gen Mazda3 makes its debut later this year.


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