Kia Ceed Can Do Poor Man’s Luxury Wagon!


What you are looking at above is a picture of the new generation Kia Ceed while in wagon form. Dubbed as the Ceed Sportwagon, the vehicle made its debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show and it caught many by surprise.

This cannot be helped as the majority never expected the new generation Kia Ceed to adopt a wagon body-style, or even a variant. So, is the Ceed Sportwagon any good?

When checking out the vehicle in person, we found the Ceed Sportwagen to be a tad larger than its predecessor. This is a good sign of better comfort as the interior will achieve greater cabin space – something that is a priority for wagon hunters.

The powertrain coming to the Ceed Sportwagon will be no different to the standard Ceed and this makes it right to describe the former as an extended version of the latter.

The interior design too remain unchanged and this confirms that the Ceeed Sportwagon will have a high quality cabin finish with plush seats on the offerings. You can actually mistake the vehicle for a luxury wagon if you are to skip the exterior.

The Ceed Sportwagon will be as affordable as the standard Ceed when released although its sticker price may be a couple of thousands more than the model it is based on. Before we forget, the Ceed Sportwagon is highly unlikely to make its debut here in the US.


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