Hitman Blood Money Joins Xbox One’s List Of Returning Retirees!


The Microsoft Xbox One may not be the bestselling gaming console of the current generation but it does not make the gaming machine a bad purchase. One of the things we can commend the Xbox One for is the great support for games that were launched on older Xbox consoles.

Microsoft calls it the backwards compatibility program and this is probably the main attraction on the Xbox One. With games being expansive to own, gamers greatly appreciate having the ability to play their old purchases despite being on a newer-generation system.

Everything about backwards compatibility is superb but it is still not the complete thing yet. Not all games have been approved for the program but the list is gradually expanding with every passing month.

For this month, Microsoft has confirmed that Hitman Blood Money and Lego Star Wars 3 will be made playable on the Xbox One. The former is a highly rated assassination-themed video game whereas the latter is a comical adventure video game.

Both titles are really popular during their Xbox 360 days and having them playable on the Xbox One will certainly hand the console from Microsoft a big boost in popularity.


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