Monster Hunter World Hits A New Milestone!


Monster Hunter World was launched a couple of months ago but that did not stop the game from becoming creating new records in RPG sales.

It was confirmed earlier today that Monster Hunter World has exceeded developers’ sales prediction by a massive margin. The report that is backed with official data showed that Monster Hunter World has reached out to over 7.5 million gamers worldwide.

Such a number is viewed as a massive success by any game developer and it is extra special for Monster Hunter World as the game is classified as a JRPG. JRPG is considered as a niche in the gaming scene and not everyone finds a Japanese-style RPG fun to play.

Well, Monster Hunter World has managed to beat the odds when it acquired 7.5 million buyers in both shipment and digital downloads. The numbers are still growing at a rapid pace thus making it safe to say that Monster Hunter World is bound to create new records in the industry.


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