Sony PS5 To Turn Discs Into Headphone Jacks For Gaming Industry?


The next-gen console wars is not expected to start until several years from now but this does not mean that console developers are not working on their next-gen systems right now.

One example is with the next-gen Sony PS5 that has been linked to be in development since the start of this year. The word is that Sony has commenced brainstorming for the PS5’s production blueprint and they will have a concept to show by 2020.

Well, seeing that the Nintendo Switch is the golden name in the gaming scene right now, we may see the PS5 taking inspiration from its rival like having a hybrid setup. One other change that is likely to happen on the PS5 is the ditching of a disc drive.

Since the days of the PS1, consoles have been relying on discs to play games. But the PS3 introduced a different approach when it came with support for digital downloads. The PS4 then saw more gamers adopting a digital copy of a particular game instead of discs.

If the trend is to signify anything, the PS5 will be completely digital but it will still have support for discs via an external driver. If this is to come true, rival consoles will likely follow the removal of discs and such a move may upset gamers that are shackled to the traditional ways of gaming.

For these folks, a disc is a must-have thing as it offers a sense of ownership. Without it, they feel vulnerable when having to pay large sums of money for a new game. Hence, the removal of the disc tray, if it does happen, can be described like the trend to remove headphone jacks on smartphones.



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